Quantum Computing


Quantum computing is believed to be the heart of the next-generation computing technology. Our mission at Baidu Research is to be a world-class Quantum Artificial Intelligence (AI) research strength, and to continuously integrate relevant quantum technologies into Baidu’s core Business. Our Goals includes building quantum technology capacity (IPs, Standards, Patents, etc.); top talents; grand research projects; thought leadership; developing key applications into core business. We have general interests in Quantum Information Science with three research priority topics: Quantum AI, Quantum Algorithm, and Quantum Architecture.

Quantum AI: To utilize the advantages of information processing in quantum computing to promote the development of artificial intelligence, and to break through the bottleneck of R&D in quantum area with current artificial intelligence technology. Key Areas: Machine Learning, Information Security, Blockchain.

Quantum Architecture: To support quantum artificial intelligence and quantum algorithms by quantum architecture and to be designed to provide a comprehensive QaaS (Quantum infrastructure as a Service). Key Areas: Quantum Hardware interface, Distributed Quantum Information Processing, Unified Programming Platform, Quantum Network and Internet, Quantum and Post-Quantum Crypto.

Quantum Algorithm: To design efficient quantum algorithms for specific tasks. To extend classical algorithm design and analysis techniques into quantum scenario. To optimize existing quantum (classical) algorithms and determine their feasibility and limitations. Key Areas: Quantum Simulation, Quantum Search, Quantum Secure Computation.