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Baidu Research brings together global research talent to work on AI technologies in areas such as image recognition, speech recognition, high performance computing, natural language processing and deep learning. Baidu Research comprises four labs: the Silicon Valley AI Lab, the Institute of Deep Learning, the Big Data Lab and the Augmented Reality Lab.

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An AI agent with human-like language acquisition in a virtual environment

Despite tremendous progress, artificial intelligence is still limited in many ways. For example, in computer games, if an AI agent [...]

Introducing SwiftScribe: A Breakthrough in AI-Powered Transcription Software

Today we are proud to announce the beta launch of Baidu’s first AI-powered transcription software, SwiftScribe. We set out to develop [...]

PaddlePaddle’s New API Simplifies Deep Learning Programs

In September, we open sourced PaddlePaddle, the deep learning framework that has been used to power a range of Baidu [...]

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