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Baidu Research

About Baidu Research

Baidu Research brings together top talent from around the world to focus on future-looking fundamental researches in artificial intelligence. Our research directions include computer vision, speech recognition and synthesis, deep learning, artificial general intelligence, high performance computing and natural language understanding.

Tech Blog

PaddlePaddle Fluid: Elastic Deep Learning on Kubernetes

Two open source communities—PaddlePaddle, the deep learning framework originated in Baidu, and Kubernetes®, the most famous containerized application scheduler—are announcing [...]

Deep Learning Scaling is Predictable, Empirically

Our digital world and data are growing faster today than any time in the past---even faster than our computing power. [...]

Deep Speech 3: Even more end-to-end speech recognition

Accurate speech recognition systems are vital to many businesses, whether they are a virtual assistant taking commands, video reviews that [...]

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