Yanjun Ma
Director of Deep Learning Platform
Research Area(s):Natural Language and Speech


Dr. Yanjun Ma is director of Deep Learning Platform overseeing the research and development of deep learning framework PaddlePaddle. His research mainly focuses on Deep Learning, Machine Translation and Natural Language Processing, which is widely used in a range of products including Baidu web search, news feed and Duer. He founded Xiaodu Robot project, which now represents a broad spectrum of Baidu AI technology. He also led the research and development of content understanding technology for Baidu news feed. Yanjun Ma has authored and co-authored over 20 research publications, and served on the editorial board of Machine Translation Journal, as well as area co-chairs for a number of international conferences including ACL, IJCAI etc. Dr. Yanjun Ma obtained his PhD in Computer Science from Dublin City University in 2009. He also holds MA and BA in Computational Linguistics from Tsinghua University and Shandong University. Google Scholar: