Artificial Intelligence Scientist


  • Conduct in cutting edge research in AI fields

  • Develop new algorithms to tackle challenges when solving real world problems with AI

  • Compete with top AI research teams and write for publications

  • Strengthen the position of Baidu as a leading company in AI research


  • Research experience in AI fields. Publications in top journals are preferred

  • General knowledge in machine learning, natural language processing, knowledge graph, image processing and computer vision, with deep insight in recent progress and practical experience in one of the fields

  • Understanding principles of deep learning, probabilistic inference, graphical models, reinforcement learning, transfer learning and adversarial learning, with extensive knowledge in one of the fields mentioned

  • Strong ability in mathematically modeling real world problems

  • Strong ability in implementing algorithms, systems, and conducting reproducible experiments

  • Passion in artificial intelligence and willingness to engage in challenging in-depth research

  • Keen sense in technology advances in related fields

  • Strong logical thinking and communication skills, capable of quickly processing and passing information

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