Voice Interaction Senior Algorithm Engineer

Job responsibility

  • Design, implement and validate algorithms at scale to solve challenging real world problems

  • Collaborate with technologists and business stakeholders to drive innovation from conception to production

    • Automatic question answering, dialog strategies management, natural language understanding and other natural language processing tasks;

    • Human–machine interaction dialogue system protype development

    • ulti-turn dialogue technology in some vertical field and some specific scene

  • Be a self-motivated, lifelong learner, who is able to apply the newest technology in the field of human–machine interaction Conversing in related products


  • PhD or Master in natural language processing, Computer Science, Machine Learning or relate fields(PHD degree is preferred)

  • Plus 4 years of relevant work experience in the filed of question answering system, dialogue system, natural language processing and other related direction

  • Strong algorithmic and software skill in C/C++, and be familiar with Python

  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills. Should be able to take initiative, but also follow a plan and work well as part of a team

Preferred Skills

  • Experience of implementating machine learning models independently.

  • Publishment of important research in the natural language understanding, dialogue management, machine learning and other related fields

  • DNN-based natural language processing expertise

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