Adam Coates Speaks to TechEmergence about Future of Speech Recognition

Adam Coates sat down recently with Daniel Faggella from TechEmergence at our Sunnyvale office for an interview about AI, Speech Recognition and Natural Language Processing.

During the interview, Coates, Director of Baidu Silicon Valley AI Lab, talked about Baidu’s work in AI. He also shared his thoughts around consumer artificial intelligence applications in terms of its impact, what he’s excited about, as well as what he thinks may be more ‘hype’ than reality.

“Based on a lot of the genuine progress that’s happening in AI right now, substantially because of big progress in deep learning and neural networks, many people are starting to feel that full artificial general intelligence (AGI) may be just around the corner…I think working with these technologies every day, it’s pretty clear that that’s just not where the progress is happening right now,” Coates said to TechEmergence.

“I think deep learning is in this same space,” he continued, “it’s getting a lot better, we’re seeing things we didn’t think were possible a few years ago, but if you’re actually working with that technology, its very self-evident that we just don’t have the pieces to make full artificial intelligence at this point”.

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