Baidu’s Melody: AI-Powered Conversational Bot for Doctors and Patients

Baidu has launched Melody, an AI-powered conversational bot designed to provide relevant information to doctors to assist with recommendations and treatment options.

Melody incorporates advanced deep learning and natural language processing (NLP) technologies developed by Baidu. Melody integrates with Baidu Doctor, an app that Baidu launched in China in 2015.

Andrew Ng, chief scientist, Baidu, said: “Melody is designed to help both doctors and patients. By focusing on the medical-assistant vertical, we’ve built a conversational bot that can give highly-customized and situation-appropriate responses to a patient’s query.”

“As Melody has more conversations, it will also learn and keep getting better,” added Dr. Ng. “This is just the start of a much larger, AI-driven transformation of the healthcare industry.”

Wei Fan, senior director in Baidu’s Big Data Lab, commented: “With Melody, our goal is to provide patients with an online experience that is close to a human conversation. We believe this natural type of interaction will help patients feel more comfortable with their doctors and result in a more beneficial patient-doctor relationship.”

“The new AI-based medical assistant functionality in Baidu Doctor will increase doctor productivity and enable patients to get quicker answers to their health-related questions,” said Zheng Li, general manager of Baidu’s Medical Services Business Unit.

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    As a urologist I see huge application of this technology in the outpatient post-operative setting. This is very cool

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