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Andrew Ng, chief scientist at Baidu, answered user-submitted questions on Quora this week. He covered a range of topics, from deep learning and autonomous driving to career development.

 See Andrew’s Quora Q&A session here.

 Some examples:

 Q. What do you think of deep learning?

 A. Deep learning is an amazing tool that is helping numerous groups create exciting AI applications. It is helping us build self-driving cars, accurate speech recognition, computers that can understand images, and much more. Despite all the recent progress, I still see huge untapped opportunities ahead. There are many projects in precision agriculture, consumer finance, medicine, etc., where I see a clear opportunity for deep learning to have a big impact…. I’m confident deep learning isn’t going to “plateau” anytime soon and that it’ll continue to grow rapidly….

Q. Is AI an existential threat to humanity?

A: Worrying about AI evil superintelligence today is like worrying about overpopulation on the planet Mars. We haven’t even landed on the planet yet! AI has made tremendous progress, and I’m wildly optimistic about building a better society that is embedded up and down with machine intelligence. But AI today is still very limited….

Q. What is one piece of advice you would like to give to students?

A. When deciding how to spend your time, I recommend you take into account two criteria: Whether what you’re doing can change the world and how much you’ll learn. Even today, this is how I decide how to spend my time….

 Read the full Quora session with Andrew here.


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